early dog violet

in my backyard, found a small violet. don’t know how they arrived here. i didn’t plant them.

the other day, i was just thinking of the little violets. i was thinking, it’d be very pretty to see some simple, little violets, around the rocks here and there. yes, nothing fancy, just like these.

and here they are. in the cold spring rain.

thank you.

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  1. おー去年の初夏の私みたい〜 ある種類のカンパニュラが欲しいなあ、でも苗が見つからないなあって思っていたらお庭の二箇所にそっくりなのが生えてたの!  ワイルドカンパニュラらしかったけれど嬉しかった〜 でも今年も出て来るかどうかは?? 
    おめでと〜 god’s present! ^-^

    1. tomさん、こんにちわー!
      ほんと?? カンパニュラも可愛らしいよね~♪ うちにも野生の(?)があちらこちらに咲くよ! 紫のと白いのと。 でも庭の真ん中とかに突然出てくるので、大抵いつも芝刈り機でがーーーっと刈ってしまうの(ごめーんっ!)。 tomさんの、きっとまた出てくるよ♪ 
      うん、Surprise giftみたいで嬉しかった!

  2. Hello paprica-san 🙂 They are so pretty…..the weekend is just around the corner, hope you have a wonderful time with the sunshine. Take care and see you!

    1. Hello Sachie-san,
      Right? I was dreaming of these little simple violas! Like a little gift on a miserable rainy day. It made me really happy.
      Yes, yes, we are starving for a sunny & warm spring day! You too, have a beautiful weekend (almost)!!